One voice, unify power, unify actions for workers rights

Konfederasi Serikat Pekerja Indonesia (KSPI) will hold its 3rd Congress in Puncak, West Java on 30 January – 1 February 2012. Three presidents of from three confederations which along with KSPI have established Indonesia Jobs Pacts Joint-Secretariat send their solidarity messages and wish for successful implementation of the Congress.

The letters emphasis that protecting and defending worker rights are the biggest commitment of union movement anywhere including one in Indonesia. Through the joint-secretariat KSPI and three other confederations are aimed at developing a consolidated and synchronized collective policy and action program related to protection of  rights and interests of workers in Indonesia. As a collective power at national level, the joint-secretariat of four Confederations will encourage a policy and action program directed into organization and development of strong and united workers movements. This collective power will help us in imposing influence and pressure upon macro-economy government takes and protect workers from exploitation that very likely be committed by employer. 

KSPI 3rd Congress will of course convey an important message for worker movements in Indonesia to strengthen a free, democratic, and independent worker organization and to make the organization capable of taking extensive roles in protecting worker interests in the face of more complexes and harmful challenges brought about by liberalized global market. We do hope that the Congress will be able to take a policy and strategic action program that maximally benefits to worker interest. This, of course, can be achieved through a Congress that holds onto solidarity principles and is aimed at long-term and solid worker movement objectives.

Congratulation for the Congress and solidarity forever

Read solidarity message in English, click here


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