One voice, unify power, unify actions for workers rights

Minister Manpower and Transmigration Muhaimin Iskandar hit the gong opened KSPI 3rd Congress with Mr. Noriyuki Suzuki, ITUC-AP General Secretary, Mr. Thamrin Mosii, President KSPI and Mr. Peter van Rooij, Director ILO Jakarta

Minister of Manpower and Transmigration of the Republic of Indonesia Muhaimin Iskandar opened the 3rd Congress of Konfederasi Serikat Pekerja Indonesia (KSPI) yesterday at Hotel Grand Jaya Raya, Cipayung, West Java. In his address, the Minister said that there were three government main and urgent agendas concerning manpower affairs which are (1) improvement of wage-related regulations; (2) establishment of decent living needs, and; (3) regulation to make outsourcing which is fairer and brings about prosperous in Indonesia.

The KSPI Congress was convened for 3 days from 30 January to 1 February 2012. More than 160 delegates and observers representing 9 (nine) federations of its members attended the meeting. In his address, President KSPI Thamrin Mossi emphasized that the Congress theme “Together We are Strong” had shown future strategy of the organization to make Indonesia workers more prosper and addition to fight for preventing workers from exploitation in the future.

ILO Jakarta Director Peter van Rooij attended the Congress. In his speech, Rooij said that he was pleased and happy for had being able to come in to the Congress and stressed that ILO as tripartite body would fully support the efforts to strengthen social dialogue between government, employer, and worker. According to him, strengthening tripartite cooperation would ensure a fair industrial relation and economic growth. 

General Secretary of Asia Pacific International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) Noriyuki Suzuki also attended the Congress. ITUC is an international union confederation to which KSPI is a member. In his speech, Suzuki said that globalization and world financial crisis had given a huge challenge to labour movement in all countries including Indonesia. High rate of unemployment, especially youth unemployment, had become an issue faced by unions in Asia Pacific. Besides, trend of work flexibility and atypical jobs had put workers in worse working conditions and terms. Trade union should take a bigger role in responding to those challenges. Power and unity of union were needed to develop collective power in order to achieve decent work agendas. Suzuki added that “I am happy for being able to be involved in KSPI establishment and participate in last Congress, and today, I wish that KSPI will grow to be strong, democratic, and independent union organization.”

Said Iqbal, new elected President of KSPI for period of 2012-2017

The 3rd Congress on 31 January night successfully and smoothly was able to transform its leadership by electing new President Said Iqbal, president of FSPMI, and a new General Secretary Muhamad Rusidi, general secretary of ASPEK Indonesia. Saiful DP President of FSP KEP was elected to National Assembly Board Chairperson.


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