One voice, unify power, unify actions for workers rights

Under the initiative of ACTRAV together with NORMS and ROAP the ILO has launched the campaign in Asia and the Pacific region on the ratification and implementation of Core Conventions and in particular on C87 and C98. Since the ACTRAV initiative started when ILO/ITUC-AP/MTUC Asia Pacific Conference on C87 and C98 was held in May 2009 inMalaysia, trade unions in the region have been encouraged by the ILO to actively take part in the campaign. The ITUC-AP and GUFs have also joined the Campaign.

Trade union organizations in Indonesia, led by two KSPSI, KSPI and KSBSI, in various regional and national meetings, welcomed the campaign and pointed out weaknesses in implementation of C87 and C98, both of which Indonesia ratified. Lack of proper follow-up of the recommendations of ILO Committee of Freedom of Association as well as other international instruments was one of such weaknesses and increasing union busting at provincial and district levels as a result of decentralization was another. The above four confederations, through the joint activities of Indonesian Jobs Pact, particularly requested the ILO to provide additional capacity building activities for trade unions to develop their strategy to improve the implementation of Conventions No. 87 and 98 in the country. Meanwhile, the four confederations in December 2011 successfully set up a joint secretariat (SEKBER PLKI) to coordinate their activities in relation to the ILO and Indonesian Jobs Pact. 

Having considered this positive request the ILO ACTRAV has decided to organize a joint trade union workshop with the newly set-up SEKBER PLKI to develop their strategies on Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining in Indonesia. Trade union leaders both at central and provincial levels will be invited.

The joint workshop will be held from 15 to 16 February 2012 in Puncak Raya Hotel. Around 28 (twenty eight) participants representing four Confederation is expecting to participate.

Please download Workshop Program disini

Download the invitation letter here (please check with your President/General Secretary)

Read Report In English


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