One voice, unify power, unify actions for workers rights

Majelis Pekerja Buruh Indonesia (Indonesia Workers-Labours Council) or MPBI  as the umbrella of Indonesia labour movement declared in 1st May 2012 at Bung Karno Stadium has considered policy of Manpower and Transmigration Ministry Muhaimin Iskandar insisting the issuance of Decree of Manpower and Transmigration Ministerial No. 13/2012 on Components and Stages of Decent Living Standard Implementation for single worker which consists of 60 items from previously 46 as an indication of “LOW WAGE POLICY” of which government still wants to carry out. MPBI has also considered the policy as an ignorant in government side to enact Constitutional Court mandate for providing a decent living for outsourced workers working without job security.
On the other hand, after almost one year of BPJS (Social Security Implementation Agency) endorsement, Government Regulation on Health Insurance and Cash Assistance Recipient (PBI) which should be a derivative regulation following the establishment of the agency is still no exist. It seems that government has not been serious in preparing Health Insurance for all people as mandated in Articles 28H verse (3) and 34 verse (2) of Constitution 1945. Rumour has spread that Government unilaterally has determined allocation worth of Rp 25 trillion in the upcoming 2014 State Budget for “health assistance funds” of estimated 96, 4 million poor people who will be “cash assistance recipient.” This means each recipient will get slightly more than Rp 22 ribu. If one looks at data Health Ministry has provided, there will be 121 million and 50 million, out of 245 million Indonesia people, who will be participants in Health BPJS and non- Health BPJS, respectively. In other word, there will be 170 million people who will have Health Insurance and another 80 million people will not have Health Insurance in 1st January 2014. The way government allocates budget for health insurance really hurts people heart because Articles 28H (3) and 34 of Constitution 1945 states: “State develops a social security system for all people and empowers people who are in disadvantaged position and poor according to human dignity.” 

For 32 years under New Order Era plus 14 years after Reformation or, in other word, for 46 years labours and people are living under poverty condition, without decent wage, job security, and social security. During this long period, government seems to systemically impoverish its people. State has lost its roles in providing protection to labours and people as mandated in Constitution 1945, Law No. 13/2003, Law No. 40/2004, and Law No. 24/2011. So, it’s a natural thing for labours and people to react over impoverishment situation for decades and over economic and social injustice. Realizing the situation, as the umbrella for Indonesia labour movement consisting of 3 (three) confederations and 9 (nine) non-confederation federations we take a stand as follow:

1 With regard to Decent Living, Urge Ministry of Coordinating Ministry for Economy and Ministry of Manpower to:

a) Amend KHL (Decent Living Components) in Decree of Manpower and Transmigration Ministry No. 13/2012 from 60 components to 86-122 components in accordance with Survey conducted by AKATIGA, SN and Garteks KSBSI and strongly reject 60 components of the KHL. Particular to housing item, the nominal should be equal to instalment for 28/72 type of housing;

b) urge government to firmly revoke business license of company which still has not yet implemented minimum wage for its married employees and workers working for more than one year;

c) annul “article on stage up” for 7 years of which has been failed to implement;

d) Minimum Wage minimally 100% of KHL;

e) Sector Minimum Wage minimally 10% above Provincial/City Minimum Wage;

f) Give decent wage for Contract Teacher, Honorarium-Based Teacher, Islamic school teacher, preschool teachers by providing them with locally minimum wage and shall there a wage shortage for them, State/Local Budget should fill in the gap.

2 With regard to outsourcing, urge government to:

a) issue a new manpower and transmigration decree regarding outsourced workers by at least in September 2012;

b) revoke license for illegal outsourcing agency and issue a moratorium to stop outsourcing until September 2012;

c) urge governor, mayors/regents to issue a moratorium on outsourcing and send the copy carbon to President of the Republic of Indonesia as a prove of their accountability in protecting workers/labours working under their territory and in order to create conducive working climate.

3 With regard to Social Security:

a) Urge President of the Republic of Indonesia to consequently exercise Constitution 1945 and Law No. 24/2011 by implementing Health Insurance for all people starting from 1st January 2014;

b) Data on poor people who are eligible for “cash assistance recipient” provided by TNP2K is unreliable and needs to be defined, therefore. Consequently, there is a need for re-data the people with refer to Law No. 13/2011 on Poor People. Besides, urge to dissolve TNP2K for not providing valid data but only wasting state budget;

c) health insurance premium for workers of 2% must be paid by employer and serve as an additional wage as practiced currently since what have been good should not be downgraded;

d) shall government still be ignorant and not immediately issue a derivative law on national security system and law on Social Security Implementation Agency (BPJS), KAJS is ready to file a Citizen Lawsuit as it had done in other case and won a decision at Court at Central Jakarta so all people will have a thorough social security stipulated in laws;

e) urge House of Representatives to participate in observing the preparation of the state-owned enterprises PT ASKES’ and PT Jamsostek’s transformation into Health Insurance Implementation Agency and Manpower Insurance Implementation Agency respectively by establishing a task-force by a least November 2012.

4. Indonesia Worker-Labour Assembly (MPBI) will call on National Strike Action involving two million workers/labours from 16 labour-intensive districts/cities which will be held from 20 September 2012 to 20 October 2012 with demand of outsourcing abolishment, refusal of low wage politic and implementation of health insurance for all people in 1st January 2014.


Jakarta, 12 September 2012

Praesidium – Majelis Pekerja Buruh Indonesia (Indonesia Workers-Labours Council): Mr. Andi Gani Nena Wea (President of KSPSI),  Mr. Said Iqbal (President of KSPI),  Mr. Mudhofir (President of KSBSI)

Workers Council: Muhamad Rusdi ( KSPI ),Subiyanto( KSPSI),Togar Marbun( KSBSI),Timbul Siregar (OPSI),Bayu Murnianto( FSBI),Gatot Subroto( FSP Farkes SPSI), Masfendi (FSP Pewarta SPSP), Indra Munaswar ( FSPTSK), Sofiati Mukadi ( SPIN ), Harjono ( FSP LEM )

Media Contacts: Subiyanto (0852 1625 2467),Muhamad Rusdi (0812 8904 1000),Togar Marbun ( 0813 1149 8737 )


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